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F1 Fishing Line 100% Fluorocarbon Leader 8lb 50m Trace



50m spool of F1 8lb 100% Fluorocarbon leader

F1 Fluorocarbon leader is high quality Japanese line that will help improve your catch rate where fish are timid or easily spooked, or where the water is very clear.

Background on Fluorocarbon Line

One of the best ways of increasing your chance of catching fish is to decrease the visibility of your line. The F1 100% Fluorocarbon line has a lower refractive index than nylon mono or hybrid lines. With a refractive index close to that of water, light does not bend as much when it hits the surface of the line, resulting in a line that is much harder to see under water.


Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-low visibility - catch more fish
  • Quality Japanese line
  • Consistent diameter - no weak points
  • Superior abrasion resistant and knot strength
  • Higher impact resistance than nylon - less likely to break with hard fighting fish or during lifting
  • UV resistant - longer lasting
  • Does not absorb water - maintains full tensile strength and knot strength


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