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Top One Soft Leg Squid Jigs Fluoro 3.5 Size x 5 Pack

$34.95 $29.95 (You save $5.00)


5 pack of Top One Soft Leg Individually Boxed Squid Jigs

New super life like soft leg squid jigs featuring:

  • Fantastic quality life like jigs in 5 colours

  • Tough plastic bodies

  • Stainless steel barbs

  • Fluorescing under bodies, legs and eyes for use in the dark. To make use of this just point a bright torch at the jig for 20 seconds at close range and the jig will glow. This works especially well around reefs in the early morning, late afternoon or night.

  • The best colour jig for any given day can be different so, the best way to make sure you are using a jig that the squid will respond to is to have a variety of colours, which makes this 5 pack ideal.

  • Orange egg sack weighting





If you want to take a step towards being a better and more consistent fisherman, then make sure you are catching fresh squid for bait. A lot of guys love catching squid to eat which is great as they are top food, but far fewer fishermen realise that for many of the most sought after fish, fresh and/or live squid baits can make a huge difference. In particular you can stack the odds in your favour with kingfish, jewfish and snapper (as well as many other species), where you will catch many more fish with fresh and/or live squid than you will using frozen bait or not so fresh bait that you get from the fish shops. We have seen it time and time again, especially when the fish are not feeding well, that the fishermen using the best baits (all other things being equal) on average get the best catch


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