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Sea Hunter Soft Plastic Swing Baits

Posted by Dave on

Sea Hunter Soft Plastic Swing Baits

Fantastic new Sea Hunter soft plastic swing baits now in stock in a range of colours and sizes.

These new lures feature super life like movement, as the hook is not rigidly attached to the jig head, allowing the whole body to swing from side to side, while the paddle tail causes higher frequency vibrations.

The hook slots in the belly also reduce the amount of weed that the lure will collect.

These Swing Baits are fantastic on many species including flathead, snapper, barra, jewfish, trevally and more.

They are available in 3 colours and 3 sizes giving 9 combinations, and there is also a bargain bulk pack available so you get the whole 9 packs of lures at a super discount price. 



Chomp Lure Snapper Sliders for Deeper Water 120g 150g

Great news for fans of the Chomp Lures Snapper Slider lures, we now stock heavier lures in 120g and 150g for deeper water, faster currents or windy conditions. Available in 4 colours.Featuring Variety of colours to suit different conditions and target speciesGlow in the dark fluoro paintTwo sets of eyes, smaller ones also glow in the [...]

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iSTOR Duplex Swiss Sharpener®

We have a new addition to our range of top quality iSTOR Swiss knife sharpeners. The legendary iSTOR Duplex Swiss Sharpener® is back in production by popular demand. Featuring two sharpening surfaces in one sharpener. One end has the square edge sharpener as found in the iSTOR Professional Swiss Sharpener®, and the other end has a flat sharpening surface embedded with [...]

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iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpeners

If you are looking for a top quality Swiss knife sharpener then we have some good news. We are now stocking iSTOR Swiss knife sharpeners.  These sharpeners are top quality, compact, light and super effective at sharpening blades.Perfect for fishing, camping or hunting, as well as a great addition to your kitchen, workshop or garden shed.

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Barra Boosta Hard Body Sinking Lures

Check out the new mid-sized 130mm Barra Boosta hard body sinking lures from Chomp Lures. Featuring a super tough body these beauties are heavy enough to cast on heavy line and a top choice for casting or trolling for big barra, trolling for pelagics, or casting from the rocks. Lure weight is 37g & they feature super tough stainless [...]

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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Assist Hooks with Kevlar Cord

Here's some great new, super strong, Catch Control stainless steel assist hooks. Great choice for replacing old or weak hooks or cords on lures, or rigging your favourite new jigs. Everything about these hooks is strong and long lasting. The hooks are stainless steel and manufactured in a 7X strong wire diameter. The cords are [...]

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Downrigger Bombs

Great new downrigger bombs now in stock. Fantastic value vinyl coated finned bombs available in 4 sizes, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb and 12lb to suit different depths and trolling speeds. These are a top choice for kingfish, mahi mahi and Spanish mackerel. Also a great option for game fisherman when the fish are not hitting surface lures. You [...]

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Chomp Lures Centre Weighted Knife Jigs

New Chomp Lures centre weighted knife jigs available in 2 different designs in 5 colours per style. These 130g and 180g jigs are the latest in the Chomp Lures range of jigs and come complete with assist hooks.They are a great choice for situations where you want a slower sink rate than a tail weighted jig.Top jig [...]

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Bent Minnow Lures

Bent minnow lures are a great new way to catch a variety of species from tailor and salmon, to bream, whiting and flathead. Also work great on bass and barra. If you love fishing light gear then bent minnow lures are a top choice and can be worked in many different ways, from slow twitches to skipping [...]

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