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Chomp Lure Snapper Sliders for Deeper Water 120g 150g

Posted by Dave on

Great news for fans of the Chomp Lures Snapper Slider lures, we now stock heavier lures in 120g and 150g for deeper water, faster currents or windy conditions. Available in 4 colours.


  • Variety of colours to suit different conditions and target species
  • Glow in the dark fluoro paint
  • Two sets of eyes, smaller ones also glow in the dark
  • 2 x Super sharp strong assist hooks, manufactured from hardened and tempered High Carbon Steel with nickel finish
  • High Gloss multicoat finish
  • Great for a variety of species including snapper, pearl perch, kingfish, emperor, cod and much more
  • Sold in original individual retail packaging at a fraction of retail price

These lures work differently to your average snapper jig. The head and hooks are not attached directly, but by feeding your leader through the head and tying to the hooks, the head is free to slide up the leader when the lure is dropped or cast.

So the head drops first and the skirt and hooks float down by themselves attracting fish. Once the fish bites you wind in the line (don't strike) and hook the fish.

Fantastic value.

Snapper Sliders 120g

Snapper Slider 150g

Snapper Sliders 120g

Snapper Sliders 150g

Snapper Sliders